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Day 8 - Anniston, AL
Jun 19, 2013

How did this last day of tour impact you? 

Hello Augusta! 

     This morning started out really early with a 6:30 departure time. With little sleep under our belts, almost everyone was asleep on the bus within 30 minutes. Due to the lack of focus during the morning hours, we saved devotion until after lunch. Today's message focused on the grace of God through his forgiveness. It really touched many hearts, because all of us struggle to forgive someone for something or other. However, God always forgives us no matter what we've done.

     During the concert tonight, the Holy Spirit was definitely tangible in the sanctuary. As the choir began to sing the final chorus of "One Thing Remains", the theme for our tour, a huge wave of hands rose and everyone really began to worship. From where I was playing the piano, I had a full view of everyone and was amazed by the response to the words we were singing from both the choir and the congregation.

     Although we are all glad that tomorrow night will be spent in our own beds and eating home cooked meals, we are sad that tonight's concert was our last on tour. See y'all tomorrow! 

-Sandra Ford

     The bittersweet experience of the last day of a fun trip is on everyone's minds today; happy tears and hugs were exchanged after the end of tonight's especially powerful concert. A large turnout greeted us at this Alabama church, which only encouraged us to sing the word of God even louder. 

     For me personally, this trip has been an awesome way for me to grow closer to friends old and new in addition to the awesome God we serve. Today was our last chance to show the world outside of Augusta what we know and have experienced about God and Jesus Christ. We are now on our own with God's grace, if only temporarily, and the end of tour means that we must now continue on our own time with devotional reading and witness. I think that the lessons taught by the awesome counselors will stay with us for a long time.

     I am excited to be homeward bound, yet am upset this wonderful experience is over. I cannot wait for what God has in store for all of us as we continue on with our lives after choir tour 2013.


-Christian Pedraza

Day 7 - Ruston, LA
Jun 18, 2013

How did you see God work today in Ruston, LA?

Hey Augusta! 

     I know that you all are missing us as much as we're missing you, but I'd be willing to bet we're having twice the fun! Today we went through Longview, Texas (yet another one of my old home towns) to get to Ruston, Louisiana! The journey was definitely a blast. 

     Even though we spent most of the day driving, the bus time always brings us close together (or at least lets us catch up on the sleep we don't get at the hotels). Still, the day of driving was well worth it! We ended up setting up (in the pouring rain!) at a beautiful worship space at Trinity United Methodist Church. The congregation was friendly and the worship was fun (as usual). The songs were as meaningful as ever! I can't wait for all of you guys to see the Homecoming Concert! It's going to be wonderful!


Love from Louisiana,

- Hannah Wilson


What up guys!

     It feels like we have been gone for months, yet it has only been seven days. Augusta is amazing, but it was so cool driving out of Dallas today and seeing all the tall, spectacular buildings in the city. I woke up at 6:30 with Devin Haygood to go to the gym only to find that it was full, so we worked out in the hallway. Then we had breakfast where I sat with a few different people that aren't in my normal group of friends. That was interesting and also super fun because I got to know a few new people that are growing close to God along with me. I know that He has put all the other members of the choir along with the interns and adults in my life to support me in my walk and also so I can support them in theirs. On the bus I began writing my many letters that I pushed off to do "later" (bad idea), and I began to fill up the pages about God's grace and love and how important it is. Not only was I talking to the person receiving the letter, but God was talking to me because I can't quite wrap my mind around the whole "grace" concept. He sent his son to die for our sins and still He has more to give. How amazing is that? Then right before we were about to go on stage at Trinity UMC in Rustin, Louisiana, an elderly lady that was attending just smiled at me and told me how happy she was to be there and how glad she was to watch us sing. That was definitely a God moment because we were all hoarse from Six Flags the day before, and God just sent that woman to reassure me that we can still touch the lives of others no matter how we sound. Today was a really fun day, and I am sad tour is almost over, but I will also be happy to see my family when I get home. 



- Claire Dowling

Day 6 - Dallas, TX
Jun 17, 2013

How did you see relationships in the choir grow on this fun day in Dallas?

     God has blessed me with so many great friends on this trip and I have grown closer to them than I would have ever imagined. Today was so fun because I never would have the opportunity to go to Six Flags and to a Texas Rangers game with 91 of the greatest people ever (not including the amazing counselors and interns). I don't know what I am going to do without them being right down the hall or down the row on the bus. I am so glad that I got to meet more people this year than I did last and to even grow the relationships that I've already had with people. 

- Rainey Bailey

Day 5 - Tyler,TX
Jun 17, 2013

What was the coolest place you saw God today?

     After an awesome barbecue dinner, "sharing time" had finally arrived. We left the restaurant and drove around Dallas, arriving at a gigantic church called Lover's Lane UMC. The church was expansive and impressive and somewhat intimidating. I always thought Trinity (on-the-Hill) was large, but it seemed small in my memory compared to this Goliath of a church in front of us. We walked through the doors and Danny had us sit in the sanctuary, which was gorgeous. There was a kaleidoscope of stain glass on the walls and the pastor told us a little about the history of the church, marking out the cosmos and all of the colors and textures the heavens contain, and the fact that this sanctuary was (and is) the largest stain glass building in the United States. A lot of people talk about a moment when they really realize how "small" they are in the scheme of things, and sitting in that sanctuary, surrounded by this beautiful glass, I was reminded of that same thing. 

Even better, Danny had us get up on stage to sing for the pastor and his wife who so graciously allowed us to use their facility for "share time" later that night. "I Will Arise" was the first song that we sang, and as this is my favorite song in our concert, the haunting melodies were amazing to hear as they echoed through the sanctuary, reverberating off the glass panes and filling the whole room with the presence of the Holy Spirit. It was quite clear to everyone, or at least to me, that God was with us, and I was reminded of that even though we are so small, He loves us and sent His son for us. What better way to end a night?

- Avery Meagher


   Tonight was sharing night and as a whole it was a success! i honestly feel that we all grew so much closer tonight,  peoples true emotions came out tonight. although you  could tell that everyone missed being with  their families on Father's day, but after a GREAT service at Lanes chapel this morning everyone quickly cheered up. 

- Austin Leverett

Day 4 - Tyler, TX
Jun 15, 2013

How did you see God work at the Salvation Army today?

    From start to finish, today has been a spirit filled day. The holy spirit continued to work in and through us, from playing a rather intense game of basketball with the kids who were at the summer camps, to seeing a large group of Love Unlimited members approach the altar to pray with and for one another during a very moving concert performed by the salvation army's band. It was truly amazing to see the seeds planted in some of the smaller children who simply wanted a hug and for someone to play with them. Many of the girls who worked and played with the kids made an amazing and lasting impression of Christ, which may have planted the first seeds to a relationship with Him. It amazes me everyday how we (the choir) are able to influence the people around simply by smiling or holding the door and sharing the love of Christ in all we do. The choir is really beginning to become a family, and i can't wait to see what amazing things God has in store for us the rest of tour. We're all over joyed about the amazing one thing that remains; the love of Jesus Christ.

- Mickey Fitzpatrick 


    Today everyone saw God's work through the smiling and laughter. The Salvation Army Workers were so enthusiastic about their call to work at The Salvation Army and would always take time to explain why. Tour members worked together to move multiple boxes, painting walls (as well as themselves) and to keep the kids happy by playing sports even in the intense heat. Army workers were so thankful for us to even give a minute of our lives to volunteer. The concert tonight was probably the most amazing part of the day. Choir members and members of the congregation were led to kneel at the alter. You can really begin to see how Christ is pulling this choir together and making life long relationships.

- Madison Harrington

Day 3 - Hallsville, TX
Jun 14, 2013

What was your favorite, God-inspired moment today? 

     Every day on choir tour contains many great God-inspired moment and my favorite by far are the testimonies.  Every concert contains at least two testimonies and each one of them speak to me and show me how great God can impact my peer's lives.  Today's testimonies were especially meaningful to me because one of my good friends gave their testimony and it really touched my heart to see how God impacted them.  I really look forward to hearing more testimonies from my peers and learn what God has done in their lives. 

- Andrew Day

     Hiii! So we got on the bus, we had to prepare our selves mentally for the long trip before we even got on the bus. Most of the bus ride cons listed of sleeping, talking, sleeping, watching movies, and did I mention sleeping? Don't worry guys we "Found Nemo" Once we got to Hallsville and began our conert, I noticed that while we were singing people were reacting to our singing! They were standing up and lifting their arms. Their actions it showed that God was present in the church. I'm excited to see the plans that God has in store for the rest of choir tour!

- Morgan Cooke

Day 2 - Meridian, MS
Jun 13, 2013

In what moment did you see God today?

     Heyyy! There were many moments today that I saw God, but one stuck out to me the most. It was of two youth members from Poplar Springs Drive United Methodist Church. They went around to each of our tables at dinner and greeted us! I thought that it exemplified God in the way that the two youth were open to strangers and how they were hospitable in every possible way! Looking forward to the rest of tour!

- Taylor Thompson

     God has the ability to be present everywhere and at any time but there are many moments in a person's day where God really stands out and is evident to the people around. Today at our concert as I was looking out into the crowd I noticed a little girl about halfway back sitting on the edge of the pew with her family. She was around the age of 5 and very enthusiastic. What really hit me is how much she was getting into the songs we were singing and how many of the words she knew. The girl really put a smile on my face and showed me that God can be present in the smallest of packages. I can not wait to see what else tour has in store for us!!

-Tray Simpson

Day 1 - Peachtree City
Jun 12, 2013

What stood out to you about the first day?

     Today was the first day of Choir Tour 2013 and it honestly could not have started in a better way. The morning service was wonderful, loading and unloading the buses went seamless, and the ride was short and sweet. This is my fourth and final tour and one of the things that always gets me is how the first concert always seems to be a little less energetic and meaningful than the others do. However, even before the concert began in Peachtree City I could immediately feel the presence of the Lord. The enthusiastic and warm welcome we received from former Trinity pastor Rev. Steve Dodson set the tone for the entire night. The concert began and the response from the audience was immediate and welcoming. The second song we sang tonight was "Crown Him (Majesty)", a praise and worship song written by Chris Tomlin and it was then that the Holy Spirit really presented itself to me and to the choir. All the songs we sang became more than just separate parts to a concert; they became one single song and act of worship. During the very last song sung, and our Tour theme, "One Thing Remains," the people in the audience there took their own action and rose to their feet to sing along with us. At that moment I could see and feel that this tour would be bigger than any one of us can imagine. Bigger than all the songs that we would sing, bigger than all the churches we would visit, and bigger than a group of 91 teens from Augusta, Georgia. This tour is truly going to be God's tour. After this first night it is clear to me that the Lord has not delayed in his assuring us that He will be with us everywhere we go this year. And He has assured me that after all is said and done with this tour, He will still be the One Thing that Remains.

-Matt Reeve

     Today was an incredible first day! The drive was short and the energy was high! Our first concert was a success and we didn't even have too many 'first concert jitters.’ The one thing that was evident though throughout our concert was God's unfailing and unceasing love. Through out the concert the audience was so interactive and actually put smiles on our faces with their participation. While singing One Thing Remains (our theme song) I couldn't help but feel so overwhelmed by God's grace and love that had followed us all the way from Augusta! It was an incredible moment to feel that through it all one thing remains and that is God's love. I cannot WAIT to see what God has in store for us throughout our tour!

- Georgie Latremouille

Pre-Tour Preparations
Jun 9, 2013

We're closing in on tour! All of Love Unlimited is so excited to hit the road and share the love of Christ as we travel to Dallas, TX and all the stops in between! We have been rehearsing hard and are pumped to share all the songs we have learned and worship together! We are blessed to have such a wonderful church family back home. Keep us in your prayers and check back daily to the website for updates! We will be posting daily blogs as well as photos and videos as often as we can! Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page!

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