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Day 7 by Sophie Simpson
Jun 17, 2014

The 7th day, June 16th, we ended our time in Manchester and made our way to London. A close to two hour drive led us to Warwick Castle where we were able to tour the towers and learn about some of England’s royal past. We saw multiple life size creations to represent people of the time period to better understand life at the time. The tour led us through the states rooms as well, filled with paintings of royal lineage to explain marriages and children. Some of the groups had the chance to see the falcon show and see different kinds of large birds. Once given free time, we were given the option to climb Guy Tower, a one-way trip with 530 steps that once started, you weren’t allowed to turn around. If you reached the top, you had a view over the entire grounds of the castle and even in to the city. We were given the chance to walk around town for lunch and see the small shops.

Afterwards, our next stop was in Stratford-upon-Avon. The birthplace of Shakespeare is found there, along with a few shops with Shakespeare merchandise. Most of the choir made their way to the souvenir shops to buy t-shirts and other trinkets with the signature British flag.

Another close to two hours drive led us to our next hotel of the trip, where a majority of the choir was relieved to have consistent wifi and more comfortable rooms. After our first dinner at the hotel, our annual share night was underway. Danny started us off, allowing counselors to share thoughts on the choir tour up to this point. Praise and worship songs led us in to the choir members’ sharing time to focus our minds and hearts. Many people took the courage to stand up and share their feelings whether it was about the tour or personal, pertaining to their life back in the states. Siblings and friends shared hugs while pouring our feelings and tears. It was a sad but moving end to a long day, and felt close to a turning point in our choir as a whole.

Day 6 by Maddie and Gigi Miller
Jun 16, 2014

A wonderful day on tour thus far!  We began our day with a morning service at Dearnley Methodist Church.  On our bus ride to the church Mrs. Kris gave a Father’s Day devotion.  She told us of her special relationship with her dad and the story of how her dad would tell her to listen to each bird’s special song.  Mrs. Kris’ father taught her how to pray and worship God and Jesus Christ.  Her story was very sweet and uplifting.  The devotion brought a deeper meaning to the song “This is my Father’s World.”  Mrs. Kris’ devotion told us that God is all around us and he is working through each person and the nature around us.

​After the bus ride, we arrived at the church.  We had a very powerful service, and a wonderful time singing about God’s everlasting love.  Benji and Kymberlee gave very powerful and touching testimonies.  One song we sang, “Montage of American Hymns,” actually brought tears to a woman’s eyes because she felt the powerful message we were trying to send.   After the service, we stayed in the church and sang our national anthem.  After the service, we got back into the bus and headed back to the hotel for lunch.

​In the afternoon, we headed to the Victoria Hall to practice for our first concert that night.  Everyone in the choir was excited for the concert.  The sound crew worked very hard putting together the new equipment in a short amount of time.  When we all finished eating dinner, we headed to the stage to sing.  The view from the stage was breathtaking.  Christian and Georgie gave their testimonies that night.  There was not a dry eye in the house.  Everyone in the choir had a great time giving praise and worship to Christ.  During our praise and worship songs, many of us in the choir felt God’s love and presence as we sang.  With the first concert going as well as it did, we are both very excited for the many more concerts to come!  We were also very blessed to have our parents and grandparents at the concert. It was nice to see familiar faces in the audience.   We had an absolutely amazing night making Christ known and singing of his love for all to hear.

Day 5 by Reese Newman and Sarah Clonch
Jun 14, 2014

Today the group explored the Lake District, or more specifically, the city of Windermere. We set off at eight thirty A.M. this morning for a two hour long drive to arrive at the quaint setting. Beatrix Potter’s “The World of Peter Rabbit” was the first attraction; it was tucked away and proved to be quite endearing. As for lunch,  two groups met up at Hotel Windermere and had a traditional lunch of fish and chips. The other group ate a lunch of smoked salmon at a different hotel. We then went on a boat tour of Lake Windermere and took many pictures of the beautiful English countryside, all the while enjoying the company of friends. The boat took us over to a smaller village, where the group got to look around and shop. We then took another two hour long road trip back to the hotel and had dinner before going to sleep once we had some free time. We are grateful for all of the much needed prayers being sent our way. It means a lot knowing that we have the love and support from our families and friends even from across the ocean.

Day 4 by Wyatt Holder
Jun 14, 2014

Hey this is Wyatt.  So it’s day 4 and I’m gonna tell you about it. The first interesting thing that happened was Marc coming up to me this morning and asking me to do today’s blog.  After a great breakfast, including mushrooms (yum), we loaded on the bus at 9:00.  We we’re all super anxious to perform our show because we we’re four days in and still hadn’t put all our hard work to good use.  
We arrived at the church that we’ll be singing at on Sunday night.  It was HUGE!  A member of the church gave us a run down of its 100-plus year history as a Methodist mission.  Then we crossed the road and went into another big old building, the Victoria mall.  Several of the local church leaders had convinced Danny to let us perform.  I was really nervous.  We had no amps mikes or electrical instruments.  Plus the people there didn’t come to a concert we we’re just interrupting their day.  Never the less we sang some of our easier, shorter songs and it went quite well.  After words we returned to the church for lunch (or dinner as they say).  It was quite good, salad, pasta, fruit, and lots of finger sandwiches.  I didn’t recognize any of the sandwiches so I grabbed 3 at​random and was pleasantly surprised.  We thanked our hosts and loaded up for the next event.
The main event of the day was us singing at Harrop Fine Arts, a local secondary school.  It was a very high tech expensive public school.  We we’re very nervous.  Our first real concert was for a bunch of kids our age who knew exactly what good singing was.  To make things worse it was the first time with the sound system and I gained a new appreciation for the sound crew. The kids filed in ages 11 to 14 all dressed in uniforms.  We weren’t able to perform our whole show b/c of time L but we did our best.  They really opened up once we sang “yellow submarine” and by the end of the concert they we clapping along with us.  Next we split up and 2 17 year olds gave us a tour.  It was great to meet someone my age and ask some of my questions about England.  They had plenty of questions about the states as well.  We discussed both our weird school systems, KFC, and busted many stereotypes.  
Next we spent 30 minutes at a mall.  There was this cool ramp like escalator that you could put shopping carts on.  I didn’t buy anything but walked around and thought about what I was gonna write on this blog.  We returned to the hotel for rest and dinner (they had good ribs).  The last event was after dinner we headed to the church that we will be singing at on Sunday morning, which is TINY!  We’ll be at the lake district tomorrow so we had to set up today.  They had one killer of an organ.  
We returned (with and awesome sing along on the ride back) and I hunted Marc down to type this blog, which he complained was to long.  Now I’m gonna sleep and talk to Brennan about British flags and how they pronounce aluminum “al-oo-men-ee-um, and wonder about the stuff I left out of the blog.  Everybody, I love you, Mom stop worrying and we’ll be home soon.
Be Good,

Day 3 by Erik Lawson
Jun 13, 2014

The events that transpired today are incomparable.  Our portion of the choir performed at two beautiful institutions:  St. Andrews and Mytham, and the children and staff were exceptional at both.  Interacting with the children was truly an experience, for it gave me the opportunity to learn about the British culture from a child’s perspective.  This was apparent in their aspirations, every boy I conversed with had aspirations in Futbol, whereas American boys generally gravitate towards football and or baseball.  The children were so excited to see us and hear what we had to say.  Josh and I were talking to a little kid and recalled several aspects of Josh’s testimony.  I personally found that amazing, because when I was younger I’m not sure I would have paid as much attention as he did to a speech.  Also, whilst singing the children were overjoyed and energetic,  whereas I was usually forced to go to choir practice as a kid (No offense Danny).  So in general I found the children to be a blessing.  They were lively, eccentric, culturally aware, and very kind.  It was amazing interacting with them and learning more about British culture!

Day 3 by Megan Walden
Jun 13, 2014

Words cannot describe the joy we found today in singing and communicating with the children from the schools we visited. Personally, when at the Bedford Methodist School, I saw the love of God in the gifts of a shy smile and friendship bracelet from a little girl who wanted to keep singing the song “Jesus Loves Me.” And later when I was at the Boothstown Methodist Primary School, I saw God in a little girl who grabbed my hand while playing on some tires and told me I sound funny when I talk but sing pretty! Her immediate and pure trust blew me away. The Lord made Himself very clear to me through the immense love of the children we had the opportunity to interact with. And still I can’t help but notice how ironic it is that we came to share God’s love with them, yet it was really these children who gave us the pure, unbiased love of the Lord.

Day 3 by Georgie Latremouille
Jun 13, 2014

First of all let me just say, I LOVE ENGLAND! There are so many wonderful things about England that I could list but let me name a few that I saw today that blew me away. This morning on our way to the schools I was absolutely blown away by the rolling green hills, the blue sky, and the perfect weather. God made such a beautiful place it is impossible to deny his existence and splendor! On top of all the beautiful scenery we had the coolest opportunity EVER. We got to sing to students in primary schools and let me just tell you one thing: there is only one thing English school children love more than teenagers…AMERICAN teenagers! I was honestly surprised at how much pure joy I saw today. One boy even started crying while we were singing our theme song overcome because he felt moved and I felt truly blessed to see that. It was an incredible experience to sing and minister to the children. At one point the children at our church decided to sing a song they had prepared and it almost brought tears to my eyes. God works through his little children just as much as he works through adults too!  All in all it was a wonderful day filled with laughs, happiness, and most importantly the love of Jesus Christ. Oh and just a little FYI for everyone back home: I think I’m picking up an English accent! I can’t stop talking like I’m from England!  Cheerio and goodnight!

Compliments For Our Kids
Jun 13, 2014

A gentleman spoke to me while they were rehearsing. He comes here 4 days a week, works nearby. He sees a lot of groups come through...teams, schools. This was the most well behaved group. No one running up and down the halls. Polite and respectful. Cheerful. He kept giving compliments, then said goodbye. But then, they started singing Amazing Grace...he came back to door to hear it. It was sung at his wife's funeral 6 weeks ago.

Another man. Such well behaved and respectful young people. A credit to your country!

- Connie Cash

Day 1 by Nolan Brandon
Jun 12, 2014

We left Trinity late in the morning and had a lovely 2.5 hour drive up to Atlanta. I rode on the bus which contained the dynamic duo of Tanner and Mickey so boredom was not an issue. When we arrived at Hartsfield-Jackson airport, we were blessed with no issues while checking in and clearing security.  Unfortunately, a summer storm delayed our departure by a couple of hours, but we spent the time playing cards, talking, and getting to know each other. The plane ride itself passed quickly for some and slowly for others. The TV screen for each passenger allowed us to watch movies, play games, and view the flight info (max speed of nearly 600 mph and lowest external temperature of -60 degrees Fahrenheit). It was almost impossible to find a decent and comfortable sleeping position so, at the most, one got up to 4 hours of heavily interrupted sleep. We safely arrived in Manchester, England at around 10 in the morning and began our second day.

-Nolan B.

Pre-Tour Preparations
May 21, 2014

We're closing in on tour! All of Love Unlimited is so excited to "jump the pond" and share the love of Christ as we travel to ENGLAND! We have been rehearsing hard and are pumped to share all the songs we have learned and worship together! We are blessed to have such a wonderful church family back home. Keep us in your prayers and check back daily to the website for updates! We will be posting daily blogs as well as photos and videos as often as we can! Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page!

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