Senior Quotes

Aaron Dowling

"LU is a giant family of believers that provides so much encouragement. My faith has been strengthened incredibly through Love Unlimited and I have bonds that cannot be broken with everyone in this family."

Allison Youngsman

"LU has led me to an amazing group of people who support and care for each other better than anyone I've met. I've been really blessed to see God work through them for the past 4 years."

Amy Youngsman

"Joining Love Unlimited has given me some of the best friends and experiences of my life. The past 4 years have meant the world to me and I will miss this amazing group of people."

Andrew Day

"To me LU is a family in which anyone and everyone is welcome to join. This family does not judge or ostracize. This family takes on the burdens of its members and makes them stronger through fellowship and the power of God's Word."

Austin Leverett

"My four years in LU may be over, but the relationships I have made here will last forever."

Beth Hardy

"Through LU, God has sent me some of the greatest friendships I could ever want. It has been with their help, and the guiding hand of God that I have made it through high school. Thanks to LU, I have strengthened my relationship with Christ, and I know I am ready for the next chapter!"

Caroline Cain

"LU has taught me how important and wonderful it is to put others before ourselves and to use the gifts Christ has given us to glorify Him."

Caitlyn Newbry

"LU has been a place where I can bring my troubles and my joys. I have the opportunity to share them with others and gain insight from my friends and counselors. LU has been a place to grow as a person and in my walk with Christ and have a chance to see the world."

Chris Cannon

"Love Unlimited is a place where everyone is friendly and not judgmental. It is an incredible ministry opportunity, because we get to spread God's message through song and testimony. The friendships that I have made here will last forever."

Christian Pedraza

"In the two years I have been in LU, I have made the most of my shortened time. The incredible friends I've made and the experiences I've had will stay with me forever, and the hope and love of God is now strong enough in my heart to carry me through anything life can throw at me."

Erik Lawson

"Through the long trips, late nights and early mornings LU unifies under one single ideology. You may come with the burden of the world on your shoulder, but once you indulge in the choir the burden dissipates. LU has given hundreds of teens refuge from daily struggles and a respite from persecution."

Erin Proctor

"LU has given me some of the best friendships and furthered my relationship with Christ. I will miss going on tour every summer when I leave but I'll continue to pray for the future mission LU will take on."

Georgie Latremouille

"LU has been the best experience and my favorite activity I was involved in throughout high school. I'm thankful for the friends I made and for the spiritual growth it has given me!"

Haley Hadden

"Originally, I did not want to join LU, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. LU has provided me with some of the most amazing experiences & memories anyone could ask for. I love all of you & will miss LU so much!"

Kaysi Raborn

"LU came into my life at the perfect time by giving me a place to worship God, surrounded by other Christians, when I needed it most. I have made many new friendships while strengthening old ones, and it's an experience I'll always treasure."

Kennedy Ezell

"LU has become my family in Christ. Traveling with all my brothers and sisters has been amazing. I will never forget any of these people God has placed in my life. Together we have overcome and I pray that LU continues to plant seeds and impact the world as they have forever touched my life."

Kymberlee Sines

"LU is like the safe haven I always needed. I have met the most loving and encouraging people while furthering my relationship with God. I can't imagine my life without it."

Megan Walden

"Because of LU my relationship with God has and will continue to grow as I begin each new chapter of my walk with the Lord. I see His love every moment I am with these inspirational people. I am blessed to call them not only friends, but family."

Melina Gunby

"Love Unlimited was more than a massive group of friends from all over. It was more than a family to me. While it may have become a family tree, it was more importantly a nourishing spiritual bridge from childhood to adulthood."

Mickey Fitzpatrick

"LU is more than a choir, it's a family. LU helped me create a relationship with God and provided amazing accountability partners to keep me straight. I love every member of LU like family and I'll miss everyone more than words can say."

Morgan Cooke

"Being a member of LU has given me the opportunity to share life long friendships, but most importantly it has helped me grow in my relationship with God. Without LU I don't believe I would be half the person I am today."

Nick Smail

"LU saved my life by inspiring my relationship with God and giving me incredible, unforgettable friendships that I will never forget."

Nolan Brandon

"LU has been a huge blessing in my life. My four years have had an impact on my faith and many other things in the most incredible way. I hope I'll be fortunate enough to attend many more homecoming concerts in the coming years."

Patrick Barnett

"The past four years in LU have provided me an amazing opportunity to grow my faith as well as further the friendships with people I already knew. I am so thankful for the positive influences in my life from the leaders."

Rebecca Smeak

"Joining LU was one of the best decisions of my life. Through this choir, I have strengthened old friendships and created new relationships that will always have a place in my heart. I'm so thankful for everyone in this choir and I'll miss you all so much!"

Sandra Ford

"LU has always been a safe place where I know I can be myself. I have met some amazing friends here that will definitely last a lifetime. I consider myself so lucky that God has provided me with this opportunity to praise His name through singing and playing the piano while surrounded by wonderful people and role models."

Sawyer Evenson

"LU has given me some of the greatest friendships I've had in high school, while strengthening our relationships with Christ together."

Sydney Parrish

"Love Unlimited gave me unbreakable bonds with people I otherwise wouldn't know. Between bus rides, hotel rooms, and weekly practices, we became a family."

Tanner Eavenson

"Love Unlimited has been a remarkably life changing experience for my high school career. From praising God through music to buying British jock jackets, this choir has it all to offer. I would like to thank all the adults involved!"

Taylor Ratley

"In the 3 years of LU, I have created a foundation for my faith, met life long friends and have gained so many memories. I hope to continue my journey with God. I will be forever thankful for these years."

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