Daily Blog

Day 9 Taylor Payne (Summer Intern)

Jun 19, 2015


 I am the summer music intern for Trinity on the Hill UMC. This is not my first experience with choir tour, I actually went my junior and senior year of high school going to Chicago and followed by Houston. That being said, I went into this tour with a mindset similar to how I felt on my previous choir tours but I did not know that being in the position I am in that I would have a completely different experience on tour.

Each of my tours in high school had one, maybe two nights, where many of the students would feel the Holy Spirit working in their lives throughout the concert but this year was different. When we went to the Salvation Army the first Thursday of tour, we had an amazing concert where the Spirit was moving upon many people there including our students. It was a different experience for me being outside of the choir and watching as an intern and seeing the students light up and really focus on their own worship in the concert. After this night, I thought 'Wow, that was a great night but I was hoping the emotional night would be later on tour and not this early.' God had a different plan though. Out of all the times we sang in different places, I saw God working in many of the students several times! I had never had an experience in my choir tour days where everyone felt moved on as frequent of a basis as this year!

Outside of the concerts, everyone was excited about all of the opportunities to sight see across New York and hang out at the beach in Ocean City, NJ but overall, I think many of these students would say that they looked forward to the concerts, especially after seeing God work so early on in the tour. I was inspired by these students throughout the entire tour and seeing how they worshiped in the concerts!

The theme for tour this year was Revival, and my personal experience is that through this tour, many of the students were revived in their faith and inspired to dive deeper. I know that God used this experience to revive myself along with many other people who I have talked to over tour, with not just the students in the choir but in the lives of those who came to hear from the choir.