Daily Blog

Day 2 Brooks Lemmon

Jun 12, 2015


At first this day was not enjoyable because we spent upwards of 5 hours on the bus as we
traveled to The Salvation Army outside of Washington D.C. Once we got there and finished
setting up and rehearsing our host, Major Mike, prepared us for our performance by
telling us about our audience that we would be singing for. His discussion was about the
hardships that the men have gone through and the road that they are on with Christ.
It was a very deep discussion and it set the mood for the night. Kathryn's devotion told
us that we did not need to worry about messing up our lines or our notes. All we needed
was to sing the words of our songs to the people in the audience so that God could be
glorified. That devotion helped us greatly going into the concert. The concert was
very moving for the audience and the members of the choir. I truly think there was
revival happening during the concert. Despite the boringness of the morning and early
afternoon, the day turned out to be absolutely amazing because of our concert at
The Salvation Army.

Brooks Lemmon