Daily Blog

Day 7 Benji Swanson

Jun 16, 2015


So today started out with an early morning with us having to have our stuff downstairs and loaded on the bus by 7:30. Following that we rode over to dock to catch a ferry to go see the Statue of Liberty and yet again we had to go through security. The water was a little rocky but we made it to the island safely and had a good time walking around it and taking pictures. After that we got back on the boat and rode back over to the dock which was right there a t Battery Park, so we were given some free time to walk around. A big group of us went to Chipotle and it was pretty good but they didn't wrap my burrito very good. So after that we got to walk around New York some and go in a few shops. Once that was done we all got back on the bus and headed to our next concert. Everyone but 3 people fell asleep on my bus. Once we got there we set up and the church fed us a wonderful pasta dinner
and we had a devo from Logan Williams. Then we started the concert. It went well and Shelby Brietman and Ben Tallent both shared their testimonies and moved people. Then we took a drive to the hotel and ended our day.