Day 9 Blog


Today was the last official full day of choir and we made our way to Anniston, Alabama. We spent what seemed like forever (or just four hours) riding on the bus. I left my earphones at the hotel we stayed in last night, so I didn’t have any form of tech entertainment. A few hours after our first rest stop, we stopped at the University Mall in Tuscaloosa. As the choir dispersed to find food in the food court, Charis, Carson and I went to a Chinese buffet- it was disgusting. We couldn’t even taste the chicken in our “sesame chicken”!! We sat down with a few friends and realized we just couldn’t eat any more. Once we threw it away, we made a quick shopping spree to a few stores. Julianna and I went to Earthbound and met an awesome salesperson who actually made me buy quite a few things. We stayed in there for the majority of the time until everyone started to gather to get back on the busses. Christopher and I stood together for a few minutes until I realized I had not bought any earphones! We had three minutes and we made it our mission to find some before we had to be back. We ran through the mall, quickly purchased them, and ran back to the crowd. Everyone got on the busses and about five minutes down the road, I realized my phone was nowhere to be found. I quickly asked around to see if I could use anyone’s phone to track mine, and I figured out it was still at the mall! I was phoneless and currently still am. I instantly became very bored, so Charis and I started to play games. After a while, I fell asleep and before I knew it, we were at Parker Memorial Baptist Church. Leadership got off of the bus, and we went to go figure out how everything needed to be set up. The reverend told us we had until five o’clock to practice since dinner started then. We ran through the beginning of all the songs- we were dismissed to go eat dinner. The choir went to the basement to receive the spaghetti dinner the church had provided for us. I was scheduled to give my testimony and I started to freak the freak out. I left to go be alone and to study my testimony so I wouldn’t mess up. The rest of the choir had a devotional and prayed for me even though I wasn’t with them. Once they finished, Mrs. Lisa came to get me to start the prelude. We began and ended the piece smoothly. The choir entered and we began our concert. After our second praise and worship song “Oceans”, I gave my testimony. It was short and sweet and after I finished we began our other two P&W songs. The concert ended with a few tears shed. It was officially the seniors’ last concert on choir tour, not including the homecoming concert. We went to the last hotel- the Courtyard Inn by Marriott. Boy, did they spoil us after all of the Hampton Inn’s we had stayed in this tour! We were told to go to put our luggage away and quickly come back down to the lobby. We loaded up on the busses again and we were able to go to Dairy Queen, Subway, or a gas station. We spent our last moments of the night all together before we needed to go back to the hotel. To finish off this blog, I’d just like to say that this choir tour has been so influential to many, if not everyone, in this group. It has been a light to so many people we have encountered, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Madame President out.


With unlimited love,

Meredith O’Neal

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