Senior Quotes

Julianna Badke

"“The past four years in Love Unlimited has changed my life in ways I can’t even begin to explain. Out of al the memories I’ve made in high school, these have been the best. I’m thankful for all the friendships I’ve made over the years and the constant love shared throughout the choir. I’m blessed to have been apart of this amazing experience.” "

Zee Baker

"“LU has given me so much to be thankful for. It has given me amazing friendships embedded in God’s love. I’m going to miss the overwhelming love and joy that this choir has brought to me every week over the past four years.”"

Chandler Canaday

"“My last year and a half in choir has been pretty fire. I’m sad but its time to retire.”"

Grey Ezzell

"“This choir has meant a lot to me. I’ve gained many great friends that I will keep forever.” "

Henry Hawkins

"“I’m blessed beyond belief to go through the past two tours with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I’ve met new people, reconnected with old ones, and have been inspired to continue this same passion at GCSU. Choir tour is a perfect example of the power of God’s unlimited love and the power He holds and shows us daily. I’m ready to start this new chapter in my life, and this was the perfect way to begin the end of my high school years.”"

Hannah Hopkins

"“This choir has given me many opportunities to further my relationship with Christ and make many lifelong friendships. I could not be more thankful. I am going to miss it so much next year.” "

Chandler Johnson

"“The relationships I have made from this choir will last forever. It has made my high school career ten times better than what it would have been without it. The memories will be with me forever.” "

Brooks Lemmon

"“The love I have been exposed to and the experiences I have gained during my four years in Love Unlimited are incomparable. I am forever thankful. I honestly don't think I would be the man I am today without this choir. I'm sad to leave this wonderful group of people, but I know God has great things in store for us and I can't wait to see where he leads us in life.”"

Maddie Michael

"“I’m going to miss everyone in this choir. Although I was only in this choir for two years, I was able to make so many friendships and relationships that I will cherish forever. Love Unlimited for me was the light at the end of the tunnel; it brought so much more joy than I ever could have asked for.”"

Reese Newman

"“LU has been a memorable experience in my life for the past four years. Without it, I wouldn’t have as close of friendships as I do today.”"

Jacob Newbrey

" “If I could give any advice to underclassmen it would be to stick with the choir. I only did LU my freshman and senior years. During the two years I wasn’t in the choir, I didn’t feel like I was missing much. But after this past year, one of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t stick with it for all four years. The practices can get boring and having to wake up extra early some Sundays sucks, but choir tour and the people you get to know make it all worth it.”"

Meredith O’Neal

"“Love Unlimited has been the most amazing experience. It is truly life changing and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything in the world. For the past four years, I have made awesome friendships and even more importantly, an awesome relationship with God. This choir and the people in it have been such a great influence in my life and I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for this group.” "

Grace Roberts

"“This choir has brought me my best friends in the entire world and memories that will last a life time. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the guidance and compassion from everyone who has been a part of it and I will forever be grateful for y’all.” "

Logan Swanger

"“I have really enjoyed my four years in choir. I have made some amazing friends and will never forget the memories that have been made.” "

Carson Spencer

"“Love Unlimited has made such a difference in my life. I have made so many friends that I never would have made without it. I am so happy that I did it every year I could and every single friendship God gas mead me to through this choir, and every leader that has gone on the tour with us all the way from England to now. Y’all have made a forever impact on my life. I’m going to miss this and I love y’all.”"

Fuller Tice

"“Having only been a part of this choir for one year, I have come to understand that being able to make some of my closest friends and sharing the righteousness of God amongst ourselves and others is a privilege of this choir that is truly everlasting. As I continue on to college, I will never forget the friendships that I have made, the remarkable leadership shown by the counselors, and above all else, the unlimited love of God that has been shown to each of us.”"

Austin Zepp

"“This choir has meant the world to me. Without coming every single Sunday I do not think I would be the man that I am today. It has taught me many valuable lessons that I can definitely use down the road in life. The friendships made I will keep forever. And the best part I gained a talent that I never thought I would ever have and that’s playing drums. Thanks to everyone in the choir for supporting me over the years. I’ll never forget y’all.”"

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